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Ex-Blizzard Veterans Launch new RTS Focused Gaming Studio

Ex-Blizzard veterans have officially announced the formation of a new FPS studio led by heavyweight game designers from games including Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3. This comes hot on the heels of an announcement that Blizzard will be stopping creating new content for Starcraft 2.

Although balance and other updates will still continue, it’s clear Blizzard is steering away from adding new content to their FPS titles. This is possibly due to the rocky feedback from Warcraft 3: Reforged, which served to alienate fans by removing many core features of the original online Warcraft 3 experience.

It’s clear that the new studio, “Frost Giant Studios” is looking to capitalize on Blizzards’ failures. With a roster including the production director, lead artist, lead designer, and lead co-op design from the Starcraft 2 development team, they may truly have what it takes to become a dominate player in the FPS gaming space. Team members have also worked on other popular FPS titles including C&C: Generals 2 and also includes previous members of DayTV and Team Liquid.

The official announcement was done via Twitter on Monday and received a ton of feedback from hopeful fans of RTS classics, even causing the Frost Giant Studios website to briefly crash.

The company has raised over $4.7 million in seeding funding from various investors so you can be sure they are serious about being a dominant player in the RTS field to come. This includes a notable investment from League of Legends game creators Riot Games.

It’s exciting to think what the possibilities will be for future RTS titles in a relatively stagnant genre which has been primarily dominated by remasters of old classics (for example Age of Empires 2, which has essentially been re-released twice) with the exception of Starcraft 2 and a few other games which are starting to show their age.

Only time will tell whether the RTS genre will reach news heights of gaming glory and popularity in the years to come in a world now dominated so much by cross-platform console releases that simply don’t lend themselves well to RTS games which are a classic PC gaming staple. Only one thing is certain – RTS fans are eagerly awaiting the next big thing, and there’s a good chance that Frost Giant Studios may be a part of it.

For more info check out the official Frost Giant Studios website here.

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