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The Best Poker Video Games

Poker is a dangerous game in real if you aren’t careful – luckily for us, there are some amazing video games out there that can give us all the fun without the risk of losing our hard-earned money.

We have collected this list of the best poker video games based on a ton of research into new and old titles spanning back as far as a decade in search of the ultimate online poker video game experience.

Governor of Poker 3

Governor of Poker 3 is a popular Texas Hold ‘Em poker game with an interesting leveling and progression system and an American Western style theme. It is available PC, Android and iOS.

Aside from some gripes with certain pay to play elements, reviews have generally been positive and the multiplayer element makes playing with friends easy too. This is especially true due to crossover multiplayer so you can play against people using any device.

Some reviewers were critical of its aggressive microtransaction store and a low level of poker gameplay due to inexperienced players. Recent updates also appear to have removed the ability to have private poker rooms which has caused negative feedback.

If you are looking for a casual poker game with a polished achievement and rewards system Governor of Poker 3 is a great start and its 100% free – though beware the microtransactions.

PokerStars VR

PokerStars VR is one of most highly rated PC poker games of all time. The only catch – you’ll need a pricey VR headset and a hell of a gaming PC or gaming laptop to run it.

If you are lucky enough to have the gear, PokerStars VR offers the most immersive poker experience ever made hands down. The best bit? It’s 100% free too. At least you won’t have to fork out anything more after spending a small fortune on a VR rig!

Expect a sleek poker experience on top of an immersive environment that allows you to interact with objects like real life and has been lauded as one of the best VR titles to hit the market in recent years.

  • Price: Free to Play
  • Platforms: Steam

HD Poker: Texas Hold’em

HD Poker: Texas Hold’em is a popular crossplatform poker game that has received excellent feedback for it’s vibrant community of players and friendly gameplay.

The style is more casual and cartoon-like than some other titles and you can customize your avatar from a huge selection of characters to create a unique online poker persona.

If you are tired of toxic online poker communities then HD Poker: Texas Hold’em may just be the option for you thanks to its developer focus on building a friendly positive community for casual poker gaming.

Prominence Poker

Prominence Poker is an online poker video game that has more of a realistic spin to it than other titles. Although slightly dated, the graphics are designed to create a realistic poker environment as if you were gambling at an amateur poker house in real life.

You find yourself in the city of Prominence, a “gambling paradise” which the game takes its title from, under the guidance of the mayor.

Aside from the multiplayer aspect, Prominence Poker also has a single player element which gives it the edge over competing games for those who are happy playing against the AI and engaging in a story without the additional pressure of live multiplayer.

Some reviewers were critical of a the game engine however, meaning hardcore poker players might not feel it does real life poker justice.

If you are keen on a more realistic vibe with a bit of a story to it, Prominence Poker could be a great option to explore.

Poker Legends: Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments

Poker Legends is a slightly more simple poker video game graphics was than many other options. It is more reminiscent of a real life online poker experience with a slightly more cartoon-like feel.

Due to this it is more popular on mobile platforms than PC and is also available as a Facebook game. If you are OK with very simple graphics and looking for a quick and easy poke experience, Poker Legends is a very popular option.

Some reviewers were frustrated by the amateur style play of most players which makes for quite a different experience to real-life poker and might be annoying for more experienced players.

If you want a simple poker game with basic graphics, Poker Legends is a great option with a ton of available platforms.

Poker Night 2

A slightly older game, Poker Night 2 was one of the most highly acclaimed and popular proper video games of its day scoring great critic and user reviews for its interesting gameplay and quirky humor.

What makes Poker Night 2 stand out is its integration of popular video game characters from a ton of different games and some very well written comedic humor. It is also one of the few poker games out there that is exclusively single-player.

The end product is a game that feels immersive thanks to well-written characters and dialogue combined with a solid implementation of poker mechanics.

If you are looking for some light-hearted humor and a very casual game of poker without the stress or toxicity that sometimes accompanied multiplayer games, Poker Night 2 as a classic worth checking out.

Unforunately the game developers decided to pull Poker Night 2 from all game stores in 2018 which means the only way to play now is to borrow a copy from a friend or anyone who still has the game installed.

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