Third of Mobile Users Buy Games to “Kill Time”, Says New Survey from MocoSpace

Mobile gamers play games to prevent boredom, but fun mobile gameplay still rules as new survey from MocoSpace shows.

MocoSpace, the leading destination for playing mobile games over the internet, has announced the results of a recent survey conducted on its network of over 25 million users. The study, which took place in April this year and involved more than 10,000 gamers, was conducted in order to gain a better understanding of why Americans like to play mobile games. In fact, over half of all active MocoSpace users (55 percent) play games on the network everyday, with more than one million hours spent playing over one million games on the site. Users were allowed to provide a single answer to the question “What is the main reason you play games on your mobile phone?”

As the infographic above shows, the two most popular reasons as to why people in North America play mobile games are boredom and, unsurprisingly, to have fun. Roughly a third of all those that participated said that they bought mobile games as means to kill time, while the other third was attributed to fun.

Interestingly, three percent declared that that they play mobile games to flirt. As long-time gamers, we can confirm that this usually isn’t a successful route to the love of your life.

The data also shows that making new friends trumps gaming with existing friends and family; players prefer meeting new people via games five times more than connecting with people they already know. Just as well that MocoSpace is a social space for mobile gamers then.

“This survey showed us that our gamers are really engaged with the titles we are offering,” said MocoSpace co-founder and CEO Justin Siegel. “We are working on developing more games in-house as well as fostering relationships with third-party developers in order to churn out more fun HTML5 games that can be played on any mobile device.”

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