PodBytes – Episode 16: Star Wars

George Lucas may be retiring from major motion pictures, but that doesn’t stop the staff at BnB from throwing around Star Wars references like it’s going out of style. In addition to constantly checking our Midichlorian count (just in case!), dreaming of one day becoming nerf herders, and doing our best to become fluent in over 6 million forms of communication, you’ll always find at least one of us secretly practicing his Force Choke ability, because practice makes perfect.

So it’s no surprise that, sooner or later, we’d host a podcast all about Star Wars video games. Listen to us delve way back to a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, when LucasArts put its license into some of the greatest games in the franchise. Oh yes, and more puns than you can swing a vibroblade at.

PodBytes – Episode 16: Star Wars stars Martin Watts, Chad Morelock, Declan Burrowes, Isaac Hammer, and Pascal Tekaia. Originally recorded on Monday, 23 January, 2012.  Full run time: 81 mins

Episode Breakdown

  • 0:00 Introductions
  • 7:30 What Have We Been Playing?
  • 16:45 Current Events
  • 21:30 What Are Our Favorite Star Wars Games?
  • 28:00 What Sequels Were Left on the Table
  • 35:00 The Old Republic (Which We Haven’t Played) and Other MMOs
  • 54:00 What Decent Star Wars Games Has This Generation Given Us?
  • 1:17:00 Sign-Off and Closing

Theme Song: Anamanaguchi – Jetpack Blues – Download their album on iTunes, it’s awesome!

Note: PodBytes will be back with a brand-new episode on 8 February when we pay tribute to Miyamoto, and the Legend of Zelda series.

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