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The Earthbound Journal

The Earthbound Journal

Having finally played Nintendo’s classic game Earthbound (Mother 2) earlier this year, I was compelled to create some art inspired by the game and the joy it brought me. After many, many hours (150+), I give you The Earthbound Journal. It’s meant to be a journal written by the four heroes from the game, recounting their adventures through commentary and imagery. Basically, it’s Paula’s scrapbooking project. Being a very long game, I’ve had to make some cuts, and I did change small bits of the story here and there where I thought it might be more interesting in light of the journal, but otherwise it’s just a retelling of the game’s plot from the point of view of primarily Paula and Jeff, with some smaller parts from Ness and Poo (if you haven’t played the game: yes, that’s his name, get over it).

The Earthbound Journal was created as a free download for both fans of the series, fans of the Super Nintendo system, and anyone who just wants a neat little distraction from the daily grind. It’s got plenty of pictures, too!

Download The Earthbound Journal here

If there is enough public interest, I may also release all the photos and cutouts from the journal as individual .jpgs to be used however people want. Seeing as that will take a bit of time and work though, I want to make sure people are actually interested before doing it, so let me know in the comments section.

If you want to share this page on your own website or blog, please let me know, but otherwise people are free to share as long as they link back to this page.

People I’d like to thank (though they may not know it):

Lost and Taken: A one-stop shop for awesome free textures!

BlueKnightNight: Whose YouTube videos helped remind me what happens in some parts of the game. great source for all things Earthbound/Mother.

The Earthbound Wikia: Another great source for Earthbound info.

Nintendo: Duh!

Shigesato Itoi: And the entire team who made the game.

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