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Fan-Made Oblivion Book Anthology

A Reading from the Book of Oblivion

The Reddit user known as “notadoctoreither” has completed a true labor of love, showing his adoration for Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: a leather-bound, painstakingly put-together, adorned and personally decorated book volume containing every single piece of written in-game lore from the game and its expansions. Taking over three years of work and over $100 in costs for materials, the book has surely become a focal point of his game collection, and is proudly displayed on his mantlepiece.

However, the issue of copyrighted material has been raised on his Reddit page. Would Bethesda have legal standing to press the issue regarding reprinting material from their game? In his own words, notadoctoreither has himself stated that “I don’t plan to make more of these. And if I did, I probably couldn’t legally sell them. It was very much a labor of love, and a lot of work.” However, he isn’t ruling out making more for his own personal collection, as he’s currently got his eye on Morrowind and Skyrim.

Although I haven’t myself delved into Oblivion, I know from playing Morrowind (and being side-tracked for hours on end reading the books found in homes and hovels all over) that the amount of in-game reading one can get into is astounding. The book itself clocked in at a whopping 950 pages – all of which can be downloaded in file format on MegaUpload, made available by notadoctoreither. He’s also posted pics of the actual binding process, should you want to take a look.

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