The Illustrated Guide to Minecraft

n the spirit of the new year and all things gaming, I bring to you the Illustrated Guide to Minecraft. This is a .pdf instruction booklet meant to capture the spirit of the gaming manuals of old. The intent here is more artistic and for storytelling purposes, as opposed to a technical manual. As such, much information is either absent or presented in a relatively obscure manner.

The Illustrated Guide to Minecraft was made as a free download for fans and newcomers of Minecraft alike. My hope is to add some story elements to the game through this outside medium. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. Please do not post elsewhere without credit.

An Illustrated Guide to Minecraft download

Second (more ad heavy) download link

Lighter Background Download for Darker Screens

You can also now get the Illustrated Guide to Minecraft on the iPhone version of Minecraft Canary, a helpful little app with everything you need to help you succeed at MineCraft. Pick up your free copy at the iTunes store, or for $1, you can get an ad free version!

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