What to pack in your zuca bag?

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the most crucial bag that you will need to pack is the zuca bag. This bag will have everything in it to keep your everyday routine as you are traveling. Of course, depending on your personal daily requirements and the reason you are traveling will all depend on what you pack in your carry on. Prescription medication, you want to package it in your carry on for simple access. I package my husband’s medicine in a plastic bag in the prescription bottles that he receives them from the drugstore for security check purposes. I wear a fanny pack instead of carrying a purse with a little money in it just in case I need to buy things while en route to my destination.

zuca bag

Take a book to read. Helps pass the time in the airport and on the plane. My husband likes to do puzzles so he takes a mystery book in his carry on. Our clothes are basic colors and we can mix and match so that we are not over packed at the exact same time. Create a packing list, as stated in a previous article, of your essentials and your non essentials. You can always cut down on your non essentials if you feel your carry on is over packaged. You can always do some research on the plane to get prepared for the business meeting. If you are checking bag, your carry on will consist of all the items that you will need close at hand and you cannot afford to lose. Your carry on will also have items which will sustain you for a couple of days just in case your checked bag does get lost. You certainly do not want to go searching for items that you need immediately the moment you arrive at your destination.

My husband and I do not check any bag. Most airlines allow one carry on and a private bag, so between the two people we get all our necessary items into our zuca bag. We have no fear of losing our bag and we save money by not checking bags. Our bag arrives when we perform.

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